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In Pink Ink


We create Vintage inspired paper craft trinkets including Greeting Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Tags for all occasions.

Please feel free to contact us regarding any product inquiries via Craftumi

As you can appreciate each and every one of our products are created with much care and attention to detail. We are wonderful story tellers and you will find a story within each of our products. Please keep in mind most of our cards are individually hand cut, hand embossed and hand stamped. Our poems and verses are our original words, all of which have been used on our own personal cards. We've nutted out each and every word, scribbling down verses, poems on any scrap of paper we can lay our hands on bus tickets, receipts, notebooks. In the early days you would find us at the back of the bus with our spray painted pink laptop, fingers madly typing away at little things we just had to say. We didn't know then how it was going to happen but we knew that we would eventually get our written word out there

For updates, markets dates and new products please feel free to visit us on Facebook and website/blog



All product created by hand in our Darra studio in Brisbane

Thank you for visiting!

Monica & the In Pink Ink Team