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Irena's Crafty Critters

Cross Stitch Leaflets - The Prairie Schooler

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These cross stitch leaflets contain the charts for the many projects.

Leaflets are available are:

(1) Book No. 50 Prairie Seasons featuring four designs of houses marked Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. (Two available)

(2) Book No. 51 Christmas Past - featuring 9 designs to be made into ornaments for the Christmas tree (angel, dog and bone, bird and berries, Santa with lantern, cat and mouse, horse and horseshoe, goat and moon, and bird and flower.(Two available)

(3) Prairie Year-Rounds - featuring 12 designs to stitch up on round discs as ornaments (moon and star, hand & heart, three leaf clover, bunny and flower, sun, Halloween pumpkin and lots more

(4) Book No. 69 A Prairie Village I - Train, train station, 2 country homes (4 designs in all ) (Two available)

(5) Book No. 70 A Prairie Village II - Log cabin, school house, barn, church (4 designs in all) (Two available)

(6) Book No 72 Two by two II - 10 designs (lions, flamingos, kangaroos, antelopes, caribou, ostriches, wolves, baboons, penguins, tigers) (two available)

Please specify which one yourquire when ordering.

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Price ($AUD): $14.46


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