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Craft Time

Featured Craft Supplies

New Items

10Pcs Silver Grey Choker Necklace Screw Clasp -46cm
5m Black Bilateral net lace
5m Pink Bilateral net lace
5m Red Bilateral net lace
5m Blue Bilateral net lace
5m White Bilateral net lace
5 Beautiful Pinks Soft Elastic Headbands
Gorgeous Ivory Chiffon Flower
Gorgeous Chiffon Flower -Peach
NEW Gorgeous White Ribbon Bows with Cute Pink Rose x 10
4 Pink Satin Ribbon Flower Embellishments
Gorgeous Chiffon Flower -Lilac
5 Purple Crochet Flowers - Fantastic for hair accessories
NEW 2 Red Ballerina Flowers with Rhinestone Centre
NEW 2 Chiffon Flower Rhinestone Pearl- Purple
2 Ballerina Chiffon Rhinestone Flowers- Dark Pink
2 Ballerina Chiffon Rhinestone Flowers-  Lavender
5 Green Crochet Flower Embellishments.